Garage Conversions Brighton

In short supply of space? Then contact Gema Refurbishing for garage conversions Brighton…..The solution could be in you’re garage!

garage conversions brightonJust outside your window rests the garage. Only it doesn’t have to be a garage. It could be a games room. Or a utility room. It can be a home office that allows you to do business from home without being interrupted. Or perhaps, if your garage is already built into your home or adjoins it, it could be an extended front room, a striking kitchen or an additional bedroom.

If you feel that your garage could be put to better use, then our skilled team are just the people to help. We will guide you through every step, making sure you get the extra living space your family needs.

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Unlock Extra Living Space with Gema Refurbishing Bespoke Garage Conversions Brighton

Gema Refurbishing will help unlock the potential in your home and offer full planning and surveys as part of our fixed price quote. Garages are seldom used for auto storage, so if you presently park on your drive or in the street, do not let this asset go to waste.


garage conversions brighton
garage conversions brighton


Add Value To You’re Home

Converting a garage is one of the most cost efficient ways to add space to your home and add extra value – the value of your garage conversion will increase in line with the house price. You can use garage conversions Brighton for virtually any purpose. Your designer is able to discuss the options with you.


Save Money

Compared to building an extension, garage conversions Brighton are a more cost effective way of increasing the ground floor living space on your property. In addition, each conversion is skilfully installed by our experienced craftsmen and all jobs are supervised throughout.

garage conversions brighton

garage conversions brightonContact Gema Refurbishing

If you are finding you either need space, or just want a bit more room for entertaining the kids, then garage conversions Brighton may just be the answer for you. Once finished the room ties in and looks an original part of your house.


Free Initial Survey

A free of charge initial survey will be carried out on your property taking into account your individual requirements and budget. Gema Refurbishing will provide a comprehensive design plan and written quotation. The design plan provided can be reviewed and amended to fit as we aim to provide the best conversion for your property.